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Why do I need to change my default search provider to MyWebSearch?

In order to continue accessing the Smiley Central product suite (Smiley Central, Zwinky, My Fun Cards, Popular Screensavers and CursorMania) and take advantage of our multi-search experience with Internet Explorer 7.0, you will need to change your default browser search provider to MyWebSearch.

The reason is simple. We're able to offer you these products 100% free of charge because we add a powerful browser search tool - powered by MyWebSearch and its four leading Internet search engines - when you download our toolbar. When you search the Web using this browser search tool and click on any of the relevant sponsored search listings, we make money to support each of the free products in the Smiley Central suite.

When you install Internet Explorer 7.0, however, MyWebSearch is not automatically specified as your default browser search provider. As a result, you'll need to change your search provider in order to continue accessing our free web-based products.  It's really a win-win situation - by changing to MyWebSearch, you can continue to enjoy all our free products as well as incredibly convenient search results from four leading Internet search engines (, Google, Yahoo and Looksmart).  

We hope this explanation has been helpful, and thank you for continuing to support our fun, free products!  

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